T Range Fibre Triple Pack


Purchase T Range Fibre Shampoo, Conditioner and Soften 'N' Sheen together for extra value!

Shampoo - We all need to wash our hair and ladies who like to wear wigs are no different! This is a great creamy, cleansing shampoo that is perfect for synthetic hair, leaving it squeaky clean without damaging the hair or the wig cap. Contains 250ml.

Conditioner - Moisturising your hair is just as important as cleaning it. This is a very good conditioner for leaving your synthetic hair replenished and healthy looking. It smells great too! Contains 250ml.

Soften 'N' Sheen - This is a must for any wig wearing lady! A beautifully fragrant leave-in conditioning spray that should be used regularly, particularly in between wears. Keeps the hair soft and shiny plus prolongs the quality of the synthetic hair. Contains 250ml.

Jodie’s Top Tips

Shampoo - The most important thing when washing a wig is to get the wig cap itself nice and clean. Turn the wig inside out and apply a small amount of the shampoo to the cap. Create a nice lather and make sure that the front of the wig cap is cleansed of all the make up and sweat that builds up there from repeated wearing. Then ease the suds along the length of the hair. Never rub the hairs together as the friction will cause frizzing.

Conditioner - Put a small amount of conditioner on the middle section of the hair and then use a wide tooth comb to work it through the length, gently easing out any tangles as you go. This will leave your wig smooth and tangle free once it has dried.

Soften 'N' Sheen - Always brush or comb your wig through in between wears. Do not leave it in a matted heap until you are ready to use it next. A good comb through and a spritz of Soft 'N' Sheen will preserve the condition of your wig.


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