TV Paint Stick

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Kryolan TV Paint Stick is a cream make up made from a composition of oils and natural waxes containing FDA approved colour pigments - plus the added benefit of vitamin E. It is an excellent foundation with very reliable beard covering properties. It comes in a mess-free 25g twist up container that enables easy application, you then simply blend evenly with a cosmetic latex sponge. To set use Kryolan Translucent Powder, and to remove use Kryolan Hydro Make Up Remover Oil.

As it is actually theatrical make up, it is designed to withstand the heat of theatre or studio lights. This can be invaluable when wearing a wig, tights and a corset (as well as having the possible symptom of nerves) as all these things can make you hot and sweaty - with Kryolan TV Paint Stick you will not lose coverage on the moustache area, where men traditionally sweat.


Kryolan TV Paint Stick is available in shades 1W-9W. 1W/2W/3W are for pale white skins, 3W/4W are for pale to medium white skins, 5W is for medium pigmented skin. 6W is for tanned/browner skin tones, 7W suits light Asian skin while 8W is better for darker Asian skin. 9W is for even darker tones. The colour chart can only act as a guide as it is impossible to show exact shades over the internet.

Beard Camouflage

For individuals with a strong beard shadow a Kryolan Red 080 TV Paint Stick can be used as a pre-base to neutralise the blue tones from showing through.

TV Paint Stick Shades

Jodie's Top Tip

I recommend that you use 2 different shades to create a perfect base that will cover any beard shadow effectively. For example: Apply 3W all over the face area and blend. Then apply a shade darker (4W) over the beard area. This will not appear darker but will actually match the skin tones between the beard area and the rest of the face, as the beard area can still appear a greyish or blueish white just with the first application.


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