Wig Measuring Advice

We are so pleased to offer you a FABULOUS collection of very high quality, synthetic wigs that will make you look and feel incredible!  Whether it is short and striking, long and flowing and everything in between, we have got you covered!   Nearly all of the styles available on this site have been tried and tested on real life clients at The Boudoir London and have been hand selected with trans women in mind. 

If you find that a particular wig does not come in quite the colour that you will like then please contact us as there may be some more options available that we have not listed on this site.

If you are unsure on what colour or style would suit you best, please contact us, send a photo and we will advise you to the best of our ability.  



Here is a simple key as to what the letters mean after the wig names, for example, Nutmeg R or Plumberry Jam LR:


R - Rooted.  This colour will have a darker root to make it the colour look more realistic

LR - Long Rooted.  This colour will have a longer, darker root than the regular rooted (R) colours.

H - Hybrant Rooted  This is a softer shadowed root and not as dark as the regular root on rooted colours.  




To get the maximum comfort and security when wearing your wig, we recommend that you firstly measure your head for an accurate size. The average adult head size is 54cm, which majority of our wigs are but we do have a range of petite wigs too. Most of the wigs do come with an adjustable strap inside the cap which you can 1inch smaller or larger.

Make sure you flatten down any hair you have so it is not in the way when measuring and always use a soft measuring tape.

To measure your head, start at the front of your head at the hairline in the centre, place the start of the tape flat against your head. Feeding the tape through your fingers and around your head, going down to the nape then back up around the opposite side of your head returning back to the front. This is the circumference of your head. Always measure in Inches.

The front of the wig should settle into your natural hairline, four fingers above your eyebrows and it should come down to natural hairline at the back (nape).

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