Beard Cover - 080 Red TV Paint Stick

TV 080

This is one of our top selling products and an absolute must have for those who are struggling to cover beard shadow.  Red neutralises's as simple as that.  The blue tinge that is apparent on the beard area can be neutralised with a very thin layer of this product before adding foundation over the top.


As it is actually theatrical make up, it is designed to withstand the heat of theatre or studio lights. This can be invaluable when wearing a wig, tights and a corset (as well as having the possible symptom of nerves) as all these things can make you hot and sweaty - with Kryolan TV Paint Stick you will not lose coverage on the moustache area, where men traditionally sweat.


Jodie Lynn's Top Tip:

For the best effect, use the Jecca Blac - Blur and Matte Primer first to create as smooth and even base.  Use a VERY small amount of this product on a Makeup Sponge FIRST...not direct from the tube as the application will be too heavy.  It only takes a very thin layer of this red to do the trick.  Then apply your foundation (preferably the same product in a skin tone shade i.e 4W or 5W) over the top and blend.  You will see a HUGE difference!  

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